ATL Data Centers LLC a leading mining and Mining as a Service (MaaS) company which was founded to provide full mining consulting services for those interested in blockchain. The Management team has managed over 20 mining plants since 2014, and overseen over 50,000 bitcoins mined.

ATL Data Centers LLC, a Mining As A Service (MaaS) company that has been providing mining consulting services since 2014.

“We are excited to be bringing our blockchain knowledge from managing over 20 mining plants since 2014. We are also able to offer the best prices and have a highly skilled team that can advise on the most cost-effective solutions for any mining project” said Bernardo Schucman, CEO and Co-Founder of ATL Data Centers LLC.



Data Center Management

US Data Centers for ecommerce and mining operations.

Track Record

We have BlockChain Experience, our management Team has a Track Record in Mining Bitcoin, and has overseen more than 50,000 BTCs mined”

Proprietary Software

With proprietary software developed and owned by our operating partner, ASIC miners can be operated, on average, 10% more efficiently than competitors.

Lean Management

We look for the lowest cost of structure and energy.


OUR TEAM – Know-How, Revenue Culture, Compliance, Governance and Credibility